More Than a Name

When naming a child, I’ve always had the mindset that it should be primarily based upon some purpose or special meaning, and not simply just because of the way it sounds.  This was the case when we named Mason 4 years ago (which you can read in more detail about here: Life in Mason’s Jar – Chapter 1).  The name Mason means ‘to build’ or ‘to strengthen with stone’.  Throughout the whole course from Mason’s delivery day up to this current day, he has provided for me, many times, added strength or encouragement when I needed it.  All of the ‘Life in Mason’s Jar’ blog entries provide detail on examples of that.

On December 11, at 8:52AM, we were truly blessed with a perfect little (not little…she was a 11lb chunk!) baby girl, Elizabeth.  Although there were a couple of names on the table, it wasn’t until the night before her due date that we decided on a completely different name from what we had as our remaining options.

Elizabeth Jane Reid

The name Elizabeth means ‘consecrated to God’.  When my wife and I made the decision to have a second child, we tried for some time.  We were more than happy and gracious that we had Mason, that we weren’t going to be disappointed if nothing resulted from our efforts.  In fact, that’s exactly what happened.  After a month or two of trying, we decided that we would just have Mason and be thankful for the gift that he was (and still is).  I remember saying to Melanie, “God will bless us with a second child if its a part of His plan for our family.”  We left it at that.

It was a couple of months after that, when we received the surprise…

Melanie was pregnant.  She was a little shell-shocked, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  As I did in that moment, I continue to thank God for blessing us with the opportunity to love and care for another child.  Both Mason and Elizabeth are special blessings that we devote entirely back to God.

Another meaning for Elizabeth is ‘an abundance to God’.  At a birth weight of 11lb 4oz, she is, without a doubt, an abundance of baby.

For Elizabeth’s middle name, we chose Jane.  This name was Melanie’s idea, as she liked the name and meaning.  It was nice and simple, yet powerful in meaning…

Gift from God.

While Melanie and I had already happily accepted our blessing of Mason in our family, God chose to bless us once again even though we had stopped asking.

Elizabeth is more than just a name, she’s another precious gift.

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