The Other Side of Fear

Sometimes when we talk about fear or being afraid, we forget that anxiousness and worry are also encompassed under that umbrella of Fear.  Under normal circumstances, the times we experience fear are completely healthy.  Being afraid assists in keeping us from potentially dangerous situations or at least causes us to act more cautiously in a situation.  The processes that occur in the body physically and emotionally during times of fear are deeply subconscious.  It’s no wonder then, that fear can be used in our spiritual walk.

When I wrote: Taking Back Control, I had only just realized how powerful fear was.  The traumatic effects and intense fear I experienced from our car accident in 1997, coupled with the fear from the compounding issues I was experiencing in 2006, started a fire which took me 12 years to extinguish.  All because of one seemingly factor:


The interesting part about fear, though, is not the fear itself.

Throughout my journey with fear and anxiety, I’ve noticed something that continues to strengthen my confidence in facing my fears:  Our greatest blessings from God are on the other side of fear.  It’s important to understand what that means.  God has a plan for each of us.  We have a free will choice to make His plan, our plan as well.  When we decide to follow God, it upsets the devil.  Fear is not a tool used by God.  It is used by the devil to make us stumble, question, and even reverse our course from the direction of God.

For over a decade, fear was very much in control of my life.  There were things I didn’t do, people I didn’t meet, places I didn’t go, things I missed, because of the fear and anxiety that was in my life.  What blessings did I miss because of the fear that clouded my vision of God?  I might not been able to see God, but He could see me the whole way through.

That morning when fear attacked one of the most personal and spiritual place I have in my life, worshipping God in church behind a set of drums, I was crushed deeply.  But like I said before, God has a plan for you and for me.  He places people in our lives at the right times.  That’s why it’s so important to reach out to someone when you are going through troubles such as anxiety, depression, etc.  God may have placed someone in your life that will be the help you need to reach the other side of your fear.

When I reached out to a member of the worship team, it wasn’t the idea of facing my fear that really resonated with me. It’s something we hear often. It was the way it was expressed to me in that moment, which I believe was nothing less than words I needed to hear being delivered from God through this worship team member.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2  NIV

When you’re faced with fear, take it head on. Welcome the feelings that you experience with anxiety or fear. The anxiety or fear will lose it’s grasp. Fear has no power when faced with courage, whether it be courage that is confident or blind.

Don’t let fear block what God has planned for you. Our greatest blessings from God are on the other side of fear.

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