Life in Mason’s Jar – Chapter 9

A 3 Year Old Perception

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live anxiety-free?  For anyone that suffers with any form of anxiety, it easily sounds like heaven.  Well, for as long as my little guy, Mason, has been old enough to communicate, he has provided me with little glimpses of what that looks and feels like.  And I guess the past 8 chapters of me writing about him are proof of that!  The latest glimpse into his view of things came last night…

We were all in bed (he still sleeps with us) and my wife, Melanie, was just on her phone catching up on the news on Facebook before turning out the lights.  A sad face emoticon appeared on the screen from a post or message or something and Mason said:

“Why is that happy face, sad?

It took me a second to process what Mason said.  At first, it just sounded funny.  But then I realized, how positive of an outlook that statement had been.  Whenever I look at a sad face emoticon in a text message, it’s just a sad face emoticon.  Instead, Mason had seen that sad face as a face that was originally happy but had become sad.  In his eyes, the natural state of that face was happy, despite only seeing a sad face.

In an earlier post, I talked about how quickly and effectively that anxiety can cloud your perspective on everything from self-confidence, attitudes, etc. in the moments of an anxiety attack.  Mason’s perspective of that emoticon is the exact reason why we need to trust others with our burdens, stress, and anxiety.  A fresh perspective of positivity calms the screams of your own inner anxiety.  It provides a reminder of what is real instead of what your worries have disguised as being real.

Just like that emoticon that Mason saw, it’s your personality and happiness that define who you are, not how anxiety tries to portray you to your own self.

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