About Me – Part 1 of 2

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for dropping by.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you my struggles and experiences with dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

The primary goal I hope to achieve by publishing my experiences for the world to see is to give someone the encouragement and inspiration to continue their life battle with stress and anxiety.  With that in mind, please share this site with anyone that you think may need to read the words that I write, because these are the people I would love to reach out to.  If that person is you, consider checking back here often.  Once I open up the door to who I am a bit, I will then start sharing my experiences and struggles that I have had up to the present and following that, I will write blogs as I encounter new experiences with anxiety.

So, let me introduce myself.  Hi, my name is Charles Reid.  I am a 31 year old male human who is born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada.  If you don’t know where that is, I’ve made it a little easier by including this nice map below:


(It’s a beautiful place and you should come visit sometime.  Preferably in the Summer.  Winter is, well you know…Winter.)

I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world inside and out, Melanie.  We currently have a 3 year old, Mason.  I have written some blogs entitled “Life in Mason’s Jar” on my Facebook in the past about my anxiety since Mason was born, many which relate to him, which I will include on this site at the right time.  I think you will enjoy them.  It was my wife and the responses from those blogs that finally gave me the courage to post my work publicly.  (Thank you!)

There are 5 of us in my family:  My parents, my older sister Sheryl, my younger sister Kristen, and myself.  To save my sisters the embarrassment of displaying their ages to the world, we are all 4 years apart (the math is up to you). My parents are Salvation Army officers, so we moved around a lot growing up.  I was 5 when they started and moved out on my own at 21.  In that period of 16 years, I lived in 7 different places.  Two of those places were outside of Newfoundland.


Moving from place to place has its disadvantages, but it also has advantages.  When I look back over the years growing up, I have come to know a lot of different people.  Aside from my upbringing and belief in God, it is those people that have helped shape who I am.  So if any of those people are reading this, thank you!

When I write Part 2 of this post over the next couple of days, I will share my very first experience with anxiety.  I highly encourage you to leave a comment below or if you’d like to reach out privately, send me a message using the Contact page.  I will do my best to respond to every comment and message!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!  I look forward to sharing my life with you!

God bless!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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