Life in Mason’s Jar – Chapter 6

A Toddler’s Support

The date was August 7th, 2016.  It was a typical Sunday evening. That is, any Sunday evening that you have a job interview the next day.  In the days leading up to the 7th, I was surprisingly relaxed regarding the upcoming interview (When I say relaxed, I can only describe it as being “regular nervous”).  We had just returned from being out of town on vacation, maybe that was it.  Maybe there had to be a slight feeling of relief that there was finally some light at the end of this ‘unemployed tunnel’.  Maybe both.  Whatever the feeling was, it seemed like it was masking the anxiety I would normally feel by this point.
My wife, Melanie, reminded me that I should call in my anxiety medication prescription; just in case I needed it tomorrow.  It was a good idea, so I called it in.  They told me that it would be available tomorrow [Monday] by 2:15pm.  “Great.”  The problem with that was the fact that my interview was at 2:30pm.  I could make it, but it would be tight.
Eventually, Monday morning came.  As the morning progressed, I could feel the anxiousness slowly start to kick in as I started getting ready in the morning.  Melanie was in the kitchen, and Mason was sitting at his little table, eating breakfast. (The picture below was taken this same morning.)
“…Mason was sitting at his little table, eating breakfast.”
As I always do when these feelings arise, I always consult with Melanie. What are wives for? Right? I tell her how I’m feeling anxious about my interview. She jokingly responds with a finger-point and a “You got this.” I start to laugh, when all of a sudden, Mason turns in his chair, points his finger and says…
“You got this.”
Mason smiles and then turns back around and continues eating his breakfast as if nothing happened.  Melanie and I were both kind of speechless.  I’m not really sure exactly what occurred in my head in that moment.  I’m sure that he was most likely being the parrot he usually is these days and repeats words and sentences whenever he feels like it, but there was something about that moment.  As I write this, I’m still unsure of how my anxiety “disappeared” immediately after hearing those words from him. I’m not talking “regular nervous” either.
Just.  Gone.
Did he understand the conversation that Melanie and I were having?  That afternoon, it was time to leave for the job interview.  I went to the gas station not too far from our house.  As I was pumping gas, I had a thought of “Should I go pick up my prescription before going to the interview?”  I decided to forget about the prescription and went straight to the interview.  I didn’t pick them up until later that evening.
August 18th: A typical Thursday morning. That is, any Thursday morning that you receive a phone call and get to accept a job offer.
Thanks buddy.

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