Life in Mason’s Jar – Chapter 4


What is it that makes us so curious? That urge to know how something works, to learn something new? This curiosity we have is deeply engrained in us from an early age. When I watch Mason play with his various toys, it’s easy to see that, already, he is quite the curious little being. The way that he picks up something as simple as a little blue cube. He will look at it, rotate his hand to see it from other angles, and then proceed to bite it. If you’ve read the previous chapters so far, you’ll already know that I lose track of time when I’m watching him. I frequently wonder what he could be thinking as he looks at it. I guess I’m curious too!

There is nothing wrong with being curious. In fact, the bible condones it in verses such as:

“I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.”

Psalms 143:5 (NIV)

However, curiosity can also get us into trouble and cause us to sin. There are many instances of curiosity causing problems in the bible. The first example takes us all the way back as far as Genesis. The story of Adam and Eve. Their curiosity (along with deception) caused them to eat fruit from the forbidden tree.

Curiosity is natural and universal, but there are some things that God keeps from us, and we need to trust Him. Just like in the story of Adam and Eve when God commanded that they were able to eat from any tree except the tree of knowledge.

It’s okay to be curious. It allows us to better understand things. It can give us an even greater appreciation for what is around us that God created. We are able to treat illnesses, build things, and more because of our curiosity.

Our spiritual lives can become stronger with the curiosity of wanting to know more about God. So be curious, like Mason. Don’t just rotate the bible around in your hands, bite into it!

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